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Screw-in cartridge valves are invented after in-line, subplate and sandwich valves. The valves, featuring small size, zero leakage and high flexibility, are widely applied in construction equipment, tool machines, marine vessels and metallurgical equipment.


Hydraupower has been committed to the development of integrated manifolds, on which CCC, Vonberg, Sun and Hydraforce’s valves are applied. These valves with UNF or metric threads reach 700Bar in maximum pressure and 1000L/M in maximum flow.


Based on screw-in cartridge valves’ features, highly flexible and integrated, Hydraupower standardizes its manifold design and develops forming tools and valve blocks technical database, which largely shortens manufacturing time.



Engineering: State-of-the-art design software is adopted.

Manufacturing: All valve blocks are produced in machining centers. A complete line of forming tools is available to meet various requirements. A full set of deburring tools is used to assure cleanliness.


TestingComplete testing procedures are carried out and advanced testing equipment is introduced to assure product quality.

3D Design
Machining Center
Deburring Tool
Inspection Tool
Applications in Mobile Industry
Fire Fighting Truck
Aerial Platform
Waste Compacter
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Mini Excavator
Wheel Loader
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Snow Sweeper
Horizontal Directional Drilling
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